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Breeders Cup, Eight Horses Fueled By Jusuru Equine Blend

Jusuru Equine Blend Racehorses

in Breeders’ Cup

This Weekend!


Watch on NBC as champion racehorses compete at Santa Anita Park.

Eight of the top racehorses in the world are on Jusuru Equine Blend. This weekend, they will all be competing in what is arguably the biggest event in the history of horse racing, the Breeders’ Cup. In the words of Bo Derek, “The fastest horses in the world will be coming to Santa Anita to compete in the Breeders’ Cup this weekend. It’s the richest, most exciting event each year and makes most other sporting events look, well, quaint”. Watch NBC this weekend from Santa Anita Park in southern California and be sure to root for Richard’s Kid, Know More, He’s Had Enough, Handsome Mike, South Floyd (racing Friday), Boxeur Des Rues, Avare and Cogito. The best of the best are fueled by Jusuru Equine Blend!

The Joint Health Supplement for Horses

A total joint health solution that harnesses the liquid power of BioCell Collagen®TF

Jusuru Equine Blend™ provides horses with the building blocks their joints need in order to replenish what has been lost over time and from overuse. The result? A happier, healthier horse, even as he ages, and a shiny coat that radiates good health. Your horse deserves Jusuru Equine Blend.


About Jusuru Equine Blend

Give your horse the best. Give him the benefit of Jusuru! Our exclusive Jusuru Equine Blend is a clinically substantiated and veterinarian approved nutraceutical designed to meet the demanding needs of athletic performance and complete joint support for horses of all breeds, providing the essential nutrients for a long, happy and active life.

And that’s not all…Jusuru Equine Blend has the added benefit of providing a shiny, healthy coat. That means your horse will feel and look great!

Order Yours Today

Jusuru Equine Blend Shi Cheverie http://jusuru.com/188081

For more information feel free to contact me!!

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About Shi Cheverie

Shi Cheverie is a Business Consultant, Author, Independent Representative/Sponsor/Coach with Jusuru Int Inc. Wife, mother and grandmother. She lives with her husband and her dogs Razz and Remi on a quiet lake in Ontario, Canada. With amazing drive and endless energy she works from home mentoring and coaching business partners and clients around the globe. Her passion is paying it forward daily.

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