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Collagen Injections Gone Wrong

Collagen Injections Gone Wrong, could this be you?


It is not everyday that I get a plea from a person to please write about the dark side of Collagen and  the alternatives. However, this particular person wanted me to write about a family member who was going through an agonizing change, all in the name of vanity. While I am not going to tell her story per-se, it could be anybody’s story.

You are truly unique.

We are all born so unique but today’s modern times have brainwashed most people that if you are not model like, male or female, you are not beautiful or homely or too fat or too short and even when we are none of those things, we see ourselves as imperfect. I am born of mixed European blood. Dutch, tall stock.  A Jewish Catholic mix, predominantly dark hair but some blondes. Guess what, I ended up being short, 5’ nothing, big nose, and genetically programmed to gain weight once the 40 bell hit. In my dream world I am 5’3” small nose, lifted jowls, 110lbs straight hair not curls, and a stunningly gorgeous mouth with full lips. Everyone wants to be what they are not.

As you mature and you notice those around you,  you come to realize there are more and more people unhappy with their looks and when they do something about it they are just as unhappy in the end. Even more so with today’s technology, you see and hear more and more about people who had botched up facials alteration by injection. It may seem to be a slight change and yes in most cases it is gone in few months, but there also many cases where things have gone terribly wrong. These shots are extremely expensive and do not last. So in the end when you have gotten bad results and side effects from the collagen injections, you are left physically, emotionally and financially scarred for a long long time.

What if there was an all natural alternative;Anti Aging Products Shi Cheverie http://jusuru.com/agelessessentials

  •  If it could reduce the fine lines, plump up lips where collagen has left because of age, wouldn’t you want to look into it?
  •  If that same collagen would over a period of time last, wouldn’t it be worth it?
  • What if the side benefits of that product would help ease the discomfort in your joints, wouldn’t it be worth it?
  •  If this same product had a side benefit of supporting heart health, wouldn’t you be rushing out to get it?


Well there is such a product. Liquid BioCell Collagen by Jusuru. Taste Free, easily bio-available and brought to you in an incredible formulation of fruits and berries. All backed by a 20 yr old company and 36 scientific studies. If this sounds like it may be for you and you would like more information just click on the link below.

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