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Turning Pain Into Power

Nothing is as compelling as a product that really works.

Imagine this scenario…

You’re a Baby boomer looking forward to winding down your hectic business life, but all of a sudden age catches up with you. You’re getting a little stiff,ShiCheverie Liquid BioCell Collagen can’t golf as much, stairs are getting tougher, you love the grand kids but you’re just really feeling those muscles after all the horsing around with them,  the discomfort is getting greater! This is NOT the way it’s meant to be.  I felt that way too and then my business partner introduced me to LIQUID BioCell Collagen by Jusuru

1. You take Liquid BioCell Collagen
2. Your joints feel better
3. You get back to doing things you haven’t done in years
4. People are amazed and ask what on earth made such a dramatic difference
5. You tell them Jusuru and they want to try it too
6. Suddenly you’re making money sharing something you’d share anyway

We are on grand child number 5 and I can play with all of them with ease and no discomfort. Best of all, I can now take the time to travel and go see them anytime I want.  Aren’t you worth it?

It happens all the time with Jusuru. It can happen to you too. Contact me today and find out how the best is yet to come.




Your Passion Your Business Your New Life

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About Shi Cheverie

Shi Cheverie is a Business Consultant, Author, Independent Representative/Sponsor/Coach with Jusuru Int Inc. Wife, mother and grandmother. She lives with her husband and her dogs Razz and Remi on a quiet lake in Ontario, Canada. With amazing drive and endless energy she works from home mentoring and coaching business partners and clients around the globe. Her passion is paying it forward daily.

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