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You Are Not Alone

You are not alone, Being a Seniorpreneur Internet Lifestyler means that you are able to live life on your terms.


If you are reading this it means that you’ve looked at your life (and your current financial situation), and you’re not even close to financial security — let alone freedom — and you keep asking yourself: “How could I have worked all those years to now be struggling”  “Isn’t there a way to change my life?” “How can I go on?”

You are not alone, I’ve been there — there is a way out of this ugly situation IF you know a certain few things.  They are not secrets, they are simple facts that anyone can discover for themselves through some research. Earning six figures annually online is not unrealistic, it’s actually doable and entirely realistic.

I want to  wake-up your inner entrepreneur to rise above the struggle and stress and begin to create the future you really want. The greatest enemy of man is himself. If you could break loose from, your inner thoughts that tell you success is too far off at your age or any age, then there is no mountain anywhere you cannot climb. It is never too late to start again and this time have fun at it!! We’re living in the information age, where a single idea can settle a woman or man financially for the rest of their lives.

Formal education has its place in this world, but not necessarily in the areas of making money and touching lives around the world. In network marketing you do not NEED a College or University . There are thousands of people who make a full time living in network marketing who do not have any formal education.


There are a few simple steps to set you off in the right direction.


  1.  Find a solid company with a patented product and a proven business system. Finding a company with a proven business system is the most lucrative step you can take towards making your dream come true.

  2. Find a Successful “Real World” Mentor: Find someone who is already achieving

    the results that you want in a specific business and see if he or she would be willing to mentor

    you a few hours a month. Trust me, you need a mentor. I did and I still do!! If you could do this on your own you would have already done it.

  3. Take a look around you and you will notice that your income is likely that of your ten closest friends and influences. It’s time to stop hanging out with the turkeys if you want to soar with the eagles.

  4. A proven system is what guarantees financial freedom. A system that is proven stays even when the business is long gone. When you have started on a path with a proven system, you can transpose it to any business. Don’t try and re-invent the wheel.

At Jusuru we think YOU are worth it. We take the time to teach and coach you until you are ready to fly on your own.  We have all the ingredients for you to have an incredibly successful business, now it’s up to you to make it happen.



You will never outperform your self image, if you don’t believe in your heart that you are worth more, you will never command it into being.

© 2012, Shi Cheverie. All rights reserved.

About Shi Cheverie

Shi Cheverie is a Business Consultant, Author, Independent Representative/Sponsor/Coach with Jusuru Int Inc. Wife, mother and grandmother. She lives with her husband and her dogs Razz and Remi on a quiet lake in Ontario, Canada. With amazing drive and endless energy she works from home mentoring and coaching business partners and clients around the globe. Her passion is paying it forward daily.

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